Why Do You Need Safe Space 2020?

Our roller blind system protects your staff and customers from diseases, germs, viruses and harmful microorganisms. Making your facility safe is essential to keeping employee and customer trust, and getting your business back on track. Space is at a premium and every inch of space is needed in order to achieve and maintain profitability. It

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What are the technical specifications for this kit?

Fabric width is 1.5 metres and length is 2.5 metres The material can be cleaned with disinfectants Crystal clear “see-through” properties White hardware Rechargeable battery motor High-quality motor by Gaposa (made in Italy) Hand held radio frequency (RF) transmitter 433 MHz system (for the North American market) Batteries are good for approx. 500 cycles, before

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Who can benefit from this system?

Office & commercial applications Reception desks Client meeting spaces & rooms Customer service counters Retail checkout counters Restaurants & bars Classrooms (educational facilities) Doctors’ offices & medical clinics Hospitals Hotels Sport centers and gyms Libraries

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